Your Mitsubishi Wants These Trade-Ups!

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For the sake of practicality, most car owners don’t really care about trading up some of the parts and fluids of their vehicle. If these cars roll out of the factories then they are good to go, but there’s a difference between running in good condition and running in optimum condition. Trading up will lengthen the lifespan of your Mitsubishi vehicle, limit the number of times it breaks down, and optimize the cost-value of the vehicle.

Here are a few trade-ups that your Mitsubishi vehicle needs to perform its best.

Upgrade to synthetic oil

When it’s time to change your oil, it’s best to shift to synthetic oil rather than stick to the manufacturer’s oil. While there’s nothing wrong with the conventional oil, synthetic just has fewer impurities that reduce friction on your engine while ensuring it remains clean at the same time. Also, you would be thanking the car gods for synthetic oil when you are driving in extremely cold or extremely humid weather.

Change your oil filters

By adding just a few bucks, you can change your oil filters to performance grade instead of the standard paper material for maximum efficiency. Oil filters work by protecting the engine from debris, dust, grime, bugs, and dirt. You can actually save in the long run because the performance air filters will last for 50,000 miles as opposed to 15,000 miles for the paper air filters.

Choose the right wiper fluid

This is another one of those components that people often take for granted. But the right wiper fluid will help on optimum visibility in between car washes.

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