How Soon Do I Need to Switch My License Plates After Moving to NYC?

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When to Switch the License Plates After Moving to New York

Welcome to New York City! For centuries, NYC has been the place where dreams can come true – no matter if that dream is enjoying America’s freedom after escaping oppression, leaving the family farm and becoming a designer for one of the city’s many premier fashion houses, or making millions on Wall Street. Besides finding the perfect apartment, discovering the best restaurants, exploring the museums, and catching a show on Broadway, you need to take care of switching out your license plates if you plan to bring your car with you to NYC. But how soon does it need to be done? Keep reading and find out!

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When is the Deadline for Switching My License Plates in NYC?

After moving to NYC, you have three months to change your license plates. Not doing so can result in a hefty fine if you are pulled over by the NYPD.

When you switch your license plates from your home state to the New York plate, you will feel like an official resident of NYC!

And while you are getting those plates, you can also update your license so that it features your new NYC address!

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Do I Need Front and Rear License Plates on My Vehicle in NYC?

Yes! New York state laws require that front and rear license plates be present on all motor vehicles with the exception of motorcycles.

To learn more about NYC and New York state vehicle requirements, please contact the Department of Motor Vehicles.

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