Will I Be Safe in My Mitsubishi During a Lightning Storm?

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What Will Happen When My Mitsubishi is Struck by Lightning?

The spring and summer seasons mean an increase in thunderstorms. If you regularly keep an eye on the weather, you know that the Central Plains between the Rockies and Appalachians can get some really epic thunderstorms with incredible lightning streaks. Being out on flat land during your cross-country trip can make your Mitsubishi susceptible to a lightning strike. Let us explain what you should do if you are driving through a ferocious lightning storm so you can stay safe.

Will I Be Safe Inside My Mitsubishi During a Lightning Strike Because the Tires are Rubber?

Nope. While rubber is a great insulator, you must remember that your Mitsubishi is made of metal, which acts as a conductor. In addition to the metal exterior, there is a lot of metal inside of your Mitsubishi model’s cabin, and you could risk getting zapped if you are touching the steering wheel, door handle, or many other interior components. And if your Mitsubishi model’s windows are open, the lightning’s electricity can flow right through and you most likely will not survive.

What Should I Do During a Lightning Storm While I am Driving?

Honestly, there is not a whole lot that you can do to guarantee your survival during a lightning storm. Our best advice includes:

  • Keeping your windows closed
  • Pulling over
  • Turning off your Mitsubishi model’s engine
  • Keeping your hands in your lap and not touching any metallic surfaces
  • Waiting until the storm passes

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Will My Mitsubishi Model Be Damaged If It’s Hit by Lightning?

Most likely, yes. The most common types of damage include arcing, burns, pits, tire blowouts, and destroyed wiring/electric systems.

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