What Kinds of Snacks Should I Take on Road Trips for My Kids That Won’t Leave a Mess in My Mitsubishi?

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What are the Best Road Trip Snacks for Kids That are Mess-Free and Healthy?

Last summer, we shared a blog on which snacks are the best for road trips. While we stand by what we said, we thought that we would revisit the topic and share some snack ideas if you are road tripping with your kids. We are pretty certain that every parent who has tried to road trip with their kids – especially little kids – has lamented about the challenge of keeping them calm while out on the road. And the one phrase that is heard just as often – if not more – than “are we there yet?” is “I’m hungry!”. If you have seen the most popular kid snacks, they can be pretty messy. And they last thing you want is the interior of your Mitsubishi ruined by spilled Kool-Aid or melted chocolate. Here are some road trip snack ideas that are both mess-free and healthy.

What is the Healthiest Beverage for Road Trips?

We will first start with beverages since the feeling of hunger is usually just a sign of thirst. Don’t give them soda. It will just create a sticky mess if spilled and they will get super hyper from all the sugar (and you will end up with a headache and ringing ears). And stay away from milk. It is hard to keep at a safe temperature and leave a horrible smell if it is spilled and not cleaned up right away. The best road trip beverage is water, which is the healthiest option and will keep the kids hydrated. If you and the kids prefer having a little bit of flavor, add a couple of fruit slices or chunks to the water bottles.

What are Some Mess-Free Snack Options for the Road?

There are several snack options that are mess-free and healthy. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Low-fat animal crackers
  • Baked and oil-free veggie chips
  • Grapes
  • Beef jerky (watch the serving size since it’s very high in salt)
  • Baby carrots
  • Celery sticks
  • Rutabaga pieces
  • Cheerios (easy to vacuum if spilled)
  • Dried fruit like banana chips or freeze-dried mango slices
  • String cheese
  • Turkey sandwiches with sliced cheese (feel free to use slider buns to keep them snack-sized or kid-sized)

How and When to Pack Road Trip Snacks

Save yourself time and money on your road trip by preparing ahead of time and not purchasing from gas station convenience stores. Before leaving for your road trip, load up a basket of healthy snacks and keep it in an area of your Mitsubishi where it can easily be accessed. Pre-freeze your water bottles and place them in a cooler with your cold items. Keep a package of baby wipes handy to keep fingers clean.

Happy travels!

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