How Do I Protect My Truck’s Tailgate from Being Stolen?

June 21st, 2019 by

Ways to Prevent the Theft of Your Truck’s Tailgate

A while back, we had shared a blog on how to protect your vehicle from auto theft. We thought that we would revisit the topic and share some tips on how to protect your truck’s tailgate from being stolen. Now we know what you are thinking: why would a Mitsubishi dealership share some tips on how to prevent the theft of a truck’s tailgate? Mitsubishi currently doesn’t offer a truck in the United States. True, but here at Brooklyn Mitsubishi, we offer a huge selection of used vehicles in addition to our new Mitsubishi vehicles, and our selection of pickup trucks are some of our most popular sellers.

A pickup truck is awesome because you have plenty of space to haul cargo for that DIY project, moving to a different apartment, or getting out of the city and enjoying the great outdoors. Unfortunately, truck tailgates are occasionally stolen because thieves can make good money if they try to resell, or they would rather replace the one on their own truck for free than shelling out big bucks for a new one.

Tips for Protecting Your Truck’s Tailgate from Theft

Some helpful ways to protect truck’s tailgate from thieves include:

  • Keeping the truck’s tailgate in its upright position when not in use. A tailgate that is in its open position is easy to slide out and steal, so keep it in its upright position and locked.
  • Use a Truck Cap or Tonneau Cover. Using a truck cap or tonneau cover is the best form of anti-theft protection! They not only keep your cargo hidden and secure – they also provide additional locking mechanisms to your tailgate so that it won’t get stolen!

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