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Mitsubishi Synthetic Oil Change Service

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What is a Full Synthetic Oil Change Exactly?

Synthetic oil is what you think, it is simply oil. But to get more exact it is actually oil that has been enhanced with man-made additives. The synthetic oil is created from a base oil, and then powder additives and carrier oils are mixed in. The carrier oil is what evenly proportions the powder additives and the base oil. At Brooklyn Mitsubishi, our Expert technicians will be able to explain in more detail what synthetic oil is and they will be happy to hear your interest! We have been servicing your vehicles for over 20 years and still feel like we are just getting started!


What happens if I don’t get my oil changed in time?

That answer is both yes and no. The conventional oil change is less expensive than the synthetic oil change, however, the synthetic oil change will last much longer, which means you are not only saving money, you are also saving time by not having to bring your car into the shop on your day off. The synthetic oil change will last between 7,500 and 10,000 miles while the conventional oil change will only last between 3,000-5,000 miles (check your owners manual for exact specifications - some older vehicles may still need to be serviced more frequently). Those extra few thousand miles are a huge selling point to the synthetic oil change. If that isn’t enough to sway you, here is a list of the other advantages of the synthetic oil change:

  • Fewer emissions
  • Performs better in colder temperatures
  • Helps to clean engine sludge and deposits
  • Lowers vehicle friction
  • Oil is cleaner and has fewer impurities

Why Brooklyn Mitsubishi?

If you live in the Brooklyn Tri-State area and have been wondering if you need a full synthetic oil change then we invite you to drop by the shop or give us a call to set up an appointment. We have the highest quality OEM parts, a state of the art collision center, expert technicians and our very popular free pick up service. We are a family owned and operated business that has been trusted to service your Mitsubishi since 1998 and have no plans of slowing down! We look forward to seeing you in the shop.


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