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Two-Wheel Alignment Service

What to Expect with 2-Wheel Alignment Service

The two-wheel alignment service is also known as front end alignment and pertains to most vehicles with two-wheel drive rather than four-wheel or all-wheel drives. The name describes the service, it aligns the front wheels of the vehicle, so they drive straight and true, balancing the pressure of driving equally across the tread of both tires. A properly licensed technician lifts the car on the shop’s suspension system for access to the underbody, then uses specialized measuring tools to place the wheels in proper positions comparative to each other and the frame of the vehicle, along with setting them at the proper angle the designers meant to provide ultimate performance.

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Importance of 2-Wheel Alignment

An old physics equation says force equals mass times velocity. A car has a lot of mass and a lot of velocity, which means it also undergoes an equal amount of force. Although the car is designed to manage such force, it still causes the need for minor adjustments overtime to maintain structural integrity. Your front wheels are designed with a system to adjust them after such physics force them out of their intended place. The other option would be to repair and weld bent metal, which would be far more extensive as a repair than loosening and tightening bolts as an engineer planned to accommodate such a routine maintenance procedure.

What Can Happen if your Front Wheels Aren’t in Proper Alignment

The first indication of misalignment is that the car won’t maintain a straight line without holding the steering wheel at an angle to compensate for how the car veers to one side or the other. With a minimal grip on your steering wheel, your car should continue to drive in a straight line. The next indication of bad alignment is going to be odd vibrations and general discomfort in the passenger compartment of the vehicle. If the problem is left unattended, eventually the wheels are just going to break against the stress applied against them.


Certified Service & OEM Parts in Brooklyn Mitsubishi

There are wheel and tire companies who also conduct alignment services, and they do a good job, but they don’t always have the exact specifications for the make and model of your specific vehicle like a dealer has access to. Give us a call at Brooklyn Mitsubishi, we serve New York City, and we can set your alignment back to how the engineer intended it or conduct any other maintenance and repairs your car might need at our service center.

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