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What Transmission Replacement Service Entails

When a car’s transmission begins to go bad, it might be fixable with repairs or a rebuild, but depending on the type and extent of the damage may warrant a full transmission replacement. The replacement involves removing the fluids and oil from the engine and transmission, disengaging the transmission from the drive shaft, engine, and mounting points, removing the old transmission, and installing the new one. This service requires special tools and the expertise of a trained technician who understands the proper order and nuances of removing the old transmission and installing the new one.

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Why a Transmission Replacement Might Be Necessary

A new transmission is necessary when yours becomes too damaged for repairs. This can occur from not changing the transmission fluid often, rough driving conditions, plain-old wear, and tear. Most cars don’t have a schedule for when the transmission to fail, but it will exhibit specific symptoms which make it uncomfortable or impossible to drive your car. The first signs of a bad transmission are going to be difficult putting it into certain gears, or it might not run in reverse or a particular gear, requiring shifting from first to third gear by skipping the second. Other indicators of a bad transmission can vary as it can cause strange noises, visible transmission oil leaks, odd burning smells, or shaking of the car in certain gears. Eventually, the transmission might fail altogether, leaving your vehicle unmovable. Such an extensive failure is likely to require more expensive repairs than the car will be worth afterward; like other repairs, it’s always best to schedule service as soon as possible before more damage occurs.


Finding a Local Service Shop You Can Trust

For transmission service needs, contact us at Brooklyn Mitsubishi serving the New York City area. Our technicians have licensed professionals with proper certifications to make repairs according to recommended manufacturer specifications and are trained to recognize the problem to fix it efficiently so you can get back on the road as quickly as possible without further worries toward your safety or how well your car is going to run.

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