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How the Transfer Case Works

The transfer case is similar to the rear differential in rear-wheel drive vehicles but moves power to the front wheels for cars and trucks with four-wheel drive or all-wheel drive. The transfer case is filled with oil which keeps the gears from overheating by lubricating them instead of allowing for direct metal on metal friction.

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When You Need Service

Over time, transfer case fluid can become dirty with tiny flakes of metal or pieces of the gaskets which seal the joints of the case, or it can accumulate condensation if a seal is compromised. During service, we usually drain and replace the fluid according to the vehicle manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule. If the fluid is low, the case is inspected for leaks, if it is dirtier than expected the case may receive a more thorough inspection to check for any further issues or potential problems.

Serving Your Vehicle’s Transfer Case

The service needs to be performed because internal damage can occur if the oil isn’t up to standards and can no longer perform its function properly. When the fluid is compromised, the grime and grit can cause wear on the gears, eventually leading to the failure of the transfer case to transfer power to the front wheels. The excess heat buildup can affect the surrounding parts, causing more damage and requiring more expensive repairs. Just like all maintenance services, the car was designed to have the transfer case oil replaced in order to run as designed and maintain peak efficiency. Several things can happen if the transfer case service isn’t conducted. In the best case, your car or truck will lose the four-wheel or all-wheel drive but continue to function normally in rear-wheel drive mode. The problem here is that the vehicle loses its value as having such options, and you won’t have the safety feature for snow or ice and you won’t have the additional power it provides for certain types of driving. In the worst case, the gears might lock up and prevent the vehicle from running at all.


Choosing a Reputable and Authorized Auto Service Center

Transfer case service should be performed by a technician working for a certified dealership, as their training and experience with specific make and model of vehicles allow them to know exactly what to check for and how to correct any problems. Brooklyn Mitsubishi is available to serve all of New York City and meet your car service needs.

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