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Mitsubishi Serpentine Belt Replacement Service in Brooklyn

Every Mitsubishi car, crossover, and SUV has a belt-drive system that uses power from the engine to drive each of the vital components, including power steering, air conditioning, alternator, and water pump. It is the Serpentine Belt that snakes around the engine to power every component on the belt-drive system. Serpentine Belts are designed out of a durable rubber composite that will last a long time but won’t last forever. If you are experiencing any of the symptoms of a Serpentine Belt wearing out, it is a wise decision that will prevent more significant problems if the belt breaks while driving, to schedule Serpentine Belt Replacement Service. Bring your car, crossover, SUV, or electric car to Brooklyn Mitsubishi, and we’ll have one of our Mitsubishi Expert Technicians install a new Mitsubishi OEM Serpentine Belt that restores peak performance and factory specifications. The region’s best Serpentine Belt Replacement Service is available at Brooklyn Mitsubishi near New York City, New York.

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Symptoms of a Defective Serpentine Belt

As the Serpentine Belt accumulates more miles and gets older, the rubber will start to lose physical integrity as evidenced by cracking, peeling, fraying, and slipping. A defective Serpentine Belt will eventually break, and you’ll be left stranded with an immovable vehicle. However, before a Serpentine Belt breaks and fails, there are usually warning signs that the belt is wearing down. Here is a list of the most common warning signs associated with a Serpentine Belt that’s losing physical integrity:

  • Strange Noises – If the Serpentine Belt starts stretching or slipping, it can start making a squealing or chirping sound; this noise signals that the belt has stretched and is not meeting pullies at factory specifications.
  • Rubber Wear –As a Serpentine Belt wears out, the physical integrity will decline as evidenced by excessive cracking, fraying, or rib separation. Excessive rubber wear is the telltale warning sign that the belt is about to break.
  • Systems Failure – Since the Serpentine Belt carries engine power to every system, if it breaks, you will notice that the air conditioner, power steering, battery charging system, or water pump has failed.
  • Vehicle Breaks Down – If a Serpentine Belt breaks while driving, the engine will immediately stall, which is a hazardous situation. The engine will start, but everything else will not function properly. The engine will overheat within minutes without a Serpentine Belt.


Will my Shocks & Struts Require Replacement?

Knowing if your Mitsubishi vehicle will require a Serpentine Belt Replacement Service begins with an Inspection with a Mitsubishi Expert Technician. If the inspection reveals significant wear or damages a replacement service is the only way to restore peak performance, passenger safety, and factory specifications. Given the safety importance of a Serpentine Belt, ignoring any of the warning signs will only increase the risk of an accident if the Serpentine Belt fails while driving. If you need a new Serpentine Belt, we have an extensive inventory of genuine Mitsubishi OEM replacement parts in our Parts Department. Brooklyn Mitsubishi is conveniently located in Brooklyn near New York City, New York.

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