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Mitsubishi Multi-Point Vehicle Inspection in Brooklyn, NY

Different auto shops call the multi-point inspection by different names, typically the 19-point or 25-point inspection, or something similar. The actual number of items inspected isn’t an important aspect of such a service. What matters is that all the fluids are checked, if one is low a further inspection assures there isn’t a deeper problem to be addressed before topping it off. The battery, nominally 12 volts because that’s what’s required to run the car, should be at 14 volts, in reality, otherwise, there might be an underlying problem with either the battery or the alternator. Fuses can cause problems for individual components, or relays can cause an entire system to act sporadically, and a professional technician has the tools and knowledge to track such problems to the source instead of troubleshooting with guesses until it is fixed.

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Regular Multi-Point Inspections are Crucial

In all honesty, a multi-point inspection isn’t “needed” for the car to run properly. It is, however, “needed” to save the expense of allowing simple maintenance issues to be left unaddressed and turn into major repair problems. Cars are designed by professional engineers who understand the physics behind what is needed to maintain structural integrity against the forces the vehicle undergoes during regular use. Fluid levels aren’t a random guess at what might work best, they are integral to each system functioning properly. Likewise, an electric short might only seem to make an unimportant component stop working, but other parts are tied into that same system and can potentially be damaged by the failure.

The purpose of routine multi-point inspections is to catch problems before they cause significant and expensive damage. A low fluid level might be corrected by topping it off or refilling it, but it requires a professional technician to make such a determination. It’s always going to be less expensive to prevent a potential problem preemptively than to repair it after the damage is done.


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It might seem simple enough to open the hood and inspect the engine for obvious problems, but with today’s cars, it requires a trained technician with the experience to understand what to look for to make such a determination. At Brooklyn Mitsubishi in New York City, we only hire the best who understand how to conduct repairs and get you back on the road without further concerns.

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