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Mitsubishi Exhaust System Service

What is the Exhaust System and Why is it Important?

The Expert Technicians at Brooklyn Mitsubishi know that the Exhaust System is much more than a pipe that exits the engine and carries exhaust fumes out the tailpipe. The Exhaust System on your vehicle is rather sophisticated with several components working together to keep harmful gasses away from the cabin and out of the environment. For example, the catalytic converter is uniquely positioned to reduce dangerous gasses, such as carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, and other hydrocarbons. Positioned between the engine and the muffler, the catalytic converter requires the other exhaust system components to function properly to get its important job done protecting the environment. Beyond environmental protection, the Exhaust System is related to engine performance as combusted fumes need an escape route for the engine to perform efficiently. If there is a problem with the Exhaust System, it can cause the engine to misfire, experience hard starting, or won’t even start at all. The Exhaust System has these two overarching jobs:

  • Allow for the efficient flow of exhaust fumes away from the engine
  • Turns dangerous combustion gasses into less-toxic fumes

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Symptoms of an Exhaust System Problem

When an exhaust system problem develops, the consequences will usually show up in engine performance declines and annoying noises. If you experience any of the symptoms of an Exhaust System problem, the wisest response will always be to schedule Exhaust Service from the experts that you know best, such as the service center at Brooklyn Mitsubishi. Here are the most common symptoms associated with an exhaust system malfunction:

  • Vehicle sounds noisier
  • Decreased horsepower or acceleration
  • Burning smell coming from the engine bay
  • Fuel smell from the exhaust
  • Exhaust pipe is hanging
  • Decreased fuel efficiency

At Brooklyn Mitsubishi, we can fix any exhaust problems quickly and conveniently with a Mitsubishi Expert Technician. We stock a robust inventory of replacement parts perfect for your Mitsubishi vehicle. Brooklyn Mitsubishi is conveniently located in Brooklyn within a 30-minute drive from New York City.



Brooklyn Mitsubishi For Your Exhaust System Service

We have been servicing the Brooklyn, NY area for over 20 years. Along with our top-notch service and wonderful amenities, we offer car sales and financing if you are interested. If you feel you need an exhaust system service, don’t wait! Schedule an appointment online or give us a call with any questions you might have. We look forward to seeing you in the shop and we will be honored to service your Mitsubishi!


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