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What is a Differential?

The differential is what allows your vehicle’s wheel to rotate at different rates. When cornering, the outside wheels must rotate slightly faster while traveling a greater distance than the inner wheels. A differential is a gear train with a sophisticated set of gears and two shafts working together to allow you to turn corners comfortably and safely. Although Differentials can last the entire life of a vehicle, different driving factors can cause differential problems such as the differential oil to become contaminated. If there is a problem with a differential, the best decision is to schedule Differential Service from trusted experts like the professionals at Brooklyn Mitsubishi.

What are the Warning Signs of a Differential Problem?

  • Loud noise – clunking, whining, or grinding
  • Clunking noise when cornering or on rough roads
  • Whining noise from the differential
  • Vibration while driving
  • Leaking differential oil
  • Tire damage

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What happens during Differential Service at Brooklyn Mitsubishi?

There are many benefits of Differential Service that most of our customers never consider. However, the most important benefit is safety. A defective differential is a concern for us at Brooklyn Mitsubishi because if it fails while driving, the risk of an accident is significant because you won’t be able to steer your vehicle reliably. Here is a list including the primary benefits that you can expect to receive with Differential Service at Brooklyn Mitsubishi:

  • Keeps the internal components lubricated, clean, and moving freely
  • Supports increased axle life
  • Helps prevent expensive repairs
  • Helps support 4-Wheel drive models
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Increased passenger safety


What happens during Differential Service at Brooklyn Mitsubishi?

The Differential Service at Brooklyn Mitsubishi begins with a Mitsubishi Expert Technician and a proven service protocol that will restore factory specifications and peak performance to the Differential. The service starts when the Mitsubishi Expert Technician inspects the top of the transmission, transfer case, and differential for excessive wear and leaks. A vital step in the process is the assessment of the differential oil; contaminated oil will need to be replaced with new differential oil at peak performance. If the old differential oil needs to be drained, genuine Mitsubishi approved differential fluid gets installed to factory specifications. Since faulty differentials often cause tire damages, you will also receive a tire inspection and rotation as needed to help mitigate undesirable tread wear stemming from the defective differential. The last step in Differential Service is the test drive to confirm perfect execution by our Mitsubishi Expert Technician.

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