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The Engine Cooling System

The average engine traveling at 55 mph will generate power from approximately 5,000 controlled explosions every minute. The constant explosions inside the engine’s combustion chambers also generate extreme heat. The engine cooling system offsets this heat by circulating coolant fluid through engine passages to absorb and dissipate heat away from under the hood. Without a cooling system, the engine would be overwhelmed by extreme heat in a matter of seconds. The Coolant System requires routine maintenance to ensure it is functioning correctly and keeping the engine running at the optimum temperature.

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What are the Warning Signs of a Coolant System Problem?

There are several common warning signs that a vehicle has a coolant system problem. With the hottest summer days right around the corner for the Brooklyn region, you should never ignore any of the warning signs unless you want the engine to overheat. Here are the warning signs of a coolant system problem in need of Coolant System Service:

  • Engine running hotter than usual or overheats
  • Smelling coolant fluid/antifreeze (smells sweet)
  • Repeated need to add more coolant fluid
  • Leaking coolant fluid (usually toward the front of the engine)
  • At or beyond the maintenance interval
  • Coolant system service warning light is on

If you are experiencing any of the warning signs of needing Coolant System Service, Brooklyn Mitsubishi has precisely what you need with a Coolant System Service. Brooklyn Mitsubishi is conveniently located in Brooklyn and is a quick 30-minute drive from New York City, NY.


Coolant System Service in Brooklyn NY

Brooklyn Mitsubishi offers a premium Coolant System Service guaranteed to restore peak engine cooling for your vehicle. Every Coolant System Service features a Mitsubishi Expert Technician and manufacturer-approved Coolant Fluid. The old coolant fluid gets drained with fresh coolant replaced for optimum engine cooling. The expert technician will execute a pressure test to verify that the cooling system is free of leaks, and then a complete inspection of the cooling system including every vital component gets completed to ensure peak performance while providing the opportunity to repair any faulty parts with significant wear. When you get a Coolant System Service at Brooklyn Mitsubishi, you collect benefits, such as optimum engine cooling, increased component life, increased reliability, and decreased long-term operating costs.

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