How Can I Stay Safe and Healthy on the Road During the Spring Season in NYC?

March 29th, 2019 by

Safety and Health Tips for Springtime Driving in NYC

We love NYC any time of the year, but we are particularly fond of the city in the spring season – especially with the weather warming up and the trees in Central Park turning green. As much as we love spring, we know that several attributes of the season can have a serious impact on our health and safety, especially when we are driving! Here are some safety and health tips for springtime driving in NYC.

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Make Checking the Weather Forecast a Daily Habit

Springtime showers are a common sight in NYC and that rain can make the streets of our beloved concrete jungle quite slippery. If you have a smartphone that you check regularly, add a few weather apps so you can receive the latest predictions and warnings. If needed, seek appropriate shelter during moving weather systems.

Protect Your Eyes Against the Brightening Sun

Whether you are trying to convey your inner Jackie O., Audrey Hepburn, Elvis Presley, or John Lennon, sunglasses are always a great accessory for your NYC style. And they help protect your eyes from the sun, which is brighter and out for a longer period of time during the spring season. Make sure to keep a few pairs handy in the car.

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Mind Your Allergy Medications!

Spring means more pollen and city dirt – and that means our sinuses will be getting angry with us. To help keep our allergies under control, many of us resort to medications, but it is important to know the side effects are and how our body reacts to them. Be mindful of those side effects before getting behind the wheel.

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