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At Brooklyn Mitsubishi, we carry an extensive inventory of genuine OEM parts for all Mitsubishi makes, models, and years. No matter what Part your Mitsubishi car, SUV, or electric vehicle needs to restore peak performance at factory specifications, rest assured that we have it in stock at our Parts Department at Brooklyn Mitsubishi. Genuine Mitsubishi OEM replacement parts were explicitly designed, meticulously engineered, and rigorously tested for fit and performance in your exact vehicle. Why roll the dice on a generic aftermarket replacement part that offers no fit or performance guarantee and will never come with a warranty backed by an industry-leading auto manufacturer that you always get with genuine Mitsubishi OEM parts.

Brooklyn Mitsubishi Parts Department

Why Genuine Mitsubishi OEM Parts are Best

At Brooklyn Mitsubishi, we know the value of Genuine Mitsubishi OEM Parts through years of experience providing maintenance and repair services on Mitsubishi vehicles. There’s no doubt after speaking with many customers over the years that have brought their car to us to provide a repair on a generic aftermarket part that offered no fit or performance guarantee. When you roll the dice on a generic part, you roll the dice on your vehicle’s performance, reliability, and safety.

Don’t take on any unwarranted risks when the little additional cost of a genuine Mitsubishi part actually buys you more service value in the highest-quality part, the highest dependability, a longer service life, passenger safety, and is always backed by a warranty.
Benefits include: Genuine OEM Parts that are made at the same quality assurance standards as your vehicle, a fit and performance guarantee backed by a warranty, and are meticulously engineered and tested for fit and performance in your specific vehicle.


Whenever you need a replacement part, gain peace of mind with the trusted Mitsubishi experts at Brooklyn Mitsubishi Parts Department. Beyond having an extensive inventory of all the replacement parts that you might need, we also have knowledgeable Mitsubishi Parts Advisors that know your vehicle and its parts inside and out and are always ready to answer the most difficult Parts questions. Brooklyn Mitsubishi is conveniently located in Brooklyn within a short drive a New York City, New York.


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