Are There Any Risks When Buying Used Tires?

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Is it Safe to Buy Used Tires?

Is your Mitsubishi in need of a new set of tires? New tires can be pricy and with the cost of living here in NYC, you might be coming up a little short on cash and looking for cheaper alternatives. One of the first places that you look will most likely be Craigslist, where you can easily find used tires that are more affordable. But is that the safest thing to do?

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What are the Risks of Buying a Set of Used Tires?

In addition to the horror stories that we hear on occasion where the buyer or seller can get hurt upon meeting (always meet at a public location like a well-lit restaurant or police station), there are some risks with purchasing a used set of tires that will make you want to think very carefully before saying yes.

One risk is the age of the tire. Brand-new tires are soft and pliable. As they age, they will harden. Think of an old rubber band. After so many years, it will harden up and snap or fall apart. Old tires that are hard are more susceptible to blowouts – and that can put you and other motorists at risk. Even if the tires are far from bald, they should not be older than six years old. You can tell the age of a tire by looking at its sidewall and reading the week and year that has been stamped on it.

If you are looking at purchasing a used set of tires, you will want to make sure that there is enough tread on them to make it worthwhile. Bring along a penny and insert Lincoln’s head into the treads. If all of Lincoln’s hair is visible, there is not enough tread and you should walk away. Also, we have heard of unscrupulous sellers who have taken knives to the tires to help deepen the tread on older tires, so look on the inside of the tires for any cuts or cracks before making the purchase.

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All in all, you are better off spending the extra money and buying a brand-new set of tires. And you can do that here at Brooklyn Mitsubishi! Our dealership offers a wide selection of tire options that fit your needs and your chosen Mitsubishi vehicle. Contact us today to learn more!

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