Is There Something Wrong with the Thermostat in My Mitsubishi?

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How to Tell if the Thermostat in a Vehicle is Not Working

Is your Mitsubishi model’s “Check Engine” light on? Is your vehicle running a little more hot than usual – or is your cabin not heating up like it should? Then there is a good chance that your Mitsubishi vehicle’s thermostat is stuck and needs to be repaired!

What Does a Thermostat Do in a Mitsubishi?

Your Mitsubishi model’s engine is a complicated machine that is made up of many components, and they all work together to make your vehicle run smoothly. However, all those mechanisms can get extremely hot and ruin the engine, so coolant is used to keep everything at the perfect temperature.

The thermostat and its components are typically located somewhere between the engine and the cabin of your vehicle, and it opens and closes to release heat into your cabin while keeping your engine cool.

As your vehicle ages, there is always a possibility that the thermostat will wear out or get stuck in either the opened or closed position. If it is stuck in the open position, your Mitsubishi vehicle’s cabin will not warm up and will make for a very cold commute. It the thermostat is stuck in the closed in the closed position, it can overheat your engine and cause some expensive damage.

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How Do I Know if the Thermostat is Not Working?

Like we said, the easiest symptoms to spot are the illumination of the “Check Engine” light, your cabin not heating up, or your engine running hotter than normal (usually within 15 minutes of driving – if the engine gets extremely hot, turn off the ignition immediately).

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, bring your Mitsubishi to our service center here at Brooklyn Mitsubishi and we will take care of any necessary repairs.

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