How to Clean Your Mitsubishi’s Fuel Injector

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Do you notice a strong gasoline smell in your Mitsubishi? Are you going through more fuel than you normally do? Is your engine misfiring? If your Mitsubishi has been experiencing any of these problems, chances are that the fuel injector is the culprit. Let us provide some instructions on how to clean your fuel injector in your Mitsubishi so it can continue to run as smoothly and efficiently as the day you bought it.

Why is My Fuel Injector Acting Up?

The fuel injector, which delivers a variable spray of fuel to your engine, gets built up with fuel additives over time. Excessive buildup is the most common cause of fuel injector issues, so regular cleaning prevents those issues. On new vehicles, it may take a while for additives to build up, but for vehicles that have a little more age, it is recommended that you clean your fuel injector every 15,000 miles to prevent mechanical problems and damage.

How Do I Clean My Fuel Injector?

If you plan to clean the fuel injector yourself, you will first need a fuel injector cleaning kit, which can be found at any automotive store. Find your fuel pump and disconnect it from the fuel injectors, along with the pressure regulator vacuum line. Next, you will take the cleaning kit and connect it to the fuel pressure test port on the engine’s fuel rail. Follow any additional attachment instructions provided by the cleaning kit. After that, open your fuel tank and turn on your engine. The cleaning process should take five to ten minutes and your engine will turn off automatically once all the cleaner in the kit has been utilized. Discard the cleaning kit and put the pressure regulator vacuum line and fuel pump back in place. Close your fuel tank and restart your engine to verify that everything is working properly.

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