How Often Should I Change My Mitsubishi’s Air Filters?

February 27th, 2019 by

With all the cold and snow in NYC right now, summer sounds like a good idea. As much as we love summer, city living exposes us and our Mitsubishi to lots of dirt and dust. And when we road trip across the country, we can add pollen to the mix and have a less than enjoyable adventure. Luckily, our Mitsubishi is equipped with air filters to protect the engine and to help us breathe easier. However, our filters often get overlooked in our maintenance schedule. Here is a reminder of how often you should change the air filters in your Mitsubishi.

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When Should I Check My Mitsubishi’s Air Filters?

We recommend checking your air filters once a month, or every time you check your oil.

When is the Best Time to Clean or Replace My Air Filters?

Most resources recommend that you clean or replace your air filters every 15,000 miles, though it may vary depending on air and road conditions.

How Do I Clean My Mitsubishi’s Air Filter?

There are two methods for cleaning your air filter: washing or vacuuming. If you choose to wash your air filter, use soapy water and put it back in its designated location once it is completely dry. Vacuuming is quick and easy, and all you need to do is suck away the excess dirt.

Benefits of Clean Vehicle Air Filters

With clean air filters, your Mitsubishi will continue to be reliable and perform spectacularly. The air filter under the hood protects the engine from getting dirty or worn out. Cabin air filters allow the heater and air conditioner to perform correctly and efficiently. With clean filters and prime performance, your Mitsubishi will continue to attain its stellar fuel economy!

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