Four Ways to Conquer Your Winter Dilemmas on the Road!

November 27th, 2018 by

Here in Brooklyn, winter can at times be brutal and merciless, particularly if your Mitsubishi has to sit outside in the weather for any length of time. Car troubles can occur more often in cold weather, but there are some good hacks (another word for tips) to help conquer some of winter’s wrath.

Hand Sanitizer Can De-Ice Your Door Locks

Many people don’t carry commercial de-icing spray, and if they do it might be locked inside the iced up car! However, if you carry a little bottle of hand sanitizer in your pocket or purse, it might help you get into the car. Hand sanitizer contains a lot of denatured alcohol, so if you put some on your door key and insert it in the lock it may be able to thaw the ice keeping the lock from opening.

Kitty Litter Can Get You Moving Again

If you are parked in a slippery lot or on your driveway and the tires are spinning, try putting kitty litter under the drive wheels to give them some traction. Kitty litter is often lighter than sand, can be purchased in small bottles or boxes you can keep in your trunk, and won’t go bad as long as it is kept dry.

Old Socks For Your Windshield Wipers

If you are out in freezing weather or snow, put an old sock over each windshield wiper when you park the car. This will prevent the wiper from freezing to the windshield. You can also lift the wiper blades away from the windshield as you would if you were washing the windshield.

Cover the Side Mirrors

Use a grocery bag or plastic food bag to cover the outside side mirrors, especially if your car isn’t equipped with heated mirrors. Even if they are heated, covering the mirrors will allow you to drive sooner than having to wait for them to thaw.

However you choose to protect your car in winter weather, choose Brooklyn Mitsubishi for your next Mitsubishi new or quality pre-owned vehicle. Then use our professional service department to keep it in top shape for the winter! Contact us today at 718-484-7788 to schedule your appointment!

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