Avoid Hitting a Deer While You are Road Tripping with Your Mitsubishi!

May 30th, 2019 by

Deer-Vehicle Safety Tips While Road Tripping

Here in NYC, we don’t get to see deer too often. However, once we hit the road and start trekking across America, deer and other wildlife become a more common sight – especially during the spring and summer seasons. As fun and they are to look at, it can be pretty scary when a deer decides to cross the road just as you are driving by – and a collision with a deer can result in some serious damage for your Mitsubishi. Here are some deer-vehicle safety tips to help prevent hitting Bambi and damaging your vehicle.

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Clean Your Headlights

The worst deer and vehicle collisions seem to happen after dark. To experience the best visibility, we recommend cleaning your headlights! Here at Brooklyn Mitsubishi, the technicians at our in-house service center can help you out with this, so schedule an appointment today.

Keep Up to Date with Maintenance

In addition to cleaning your headlights, check to make sure that your brakes are still in good condition.

Slow Down

When you see a deer crossing sign, slow down and stay alert. Even if there are no signs, it is never a bad idea to go a little slower at night – especially if you are out on rural roads. Deer like to hang out in tall grass and have a tendency to pop out right in front of you. When you are driving slowly, it is much easier to come to a complete stop.

When Do I Need to Call the DNR to Report a Collision with a Deer?

If you end up hitting a deer, you typically only need to contact the Department of Natural Resources if the deer was killed.

To learn more about safety in your Mitsubishi, please contact us here at Brooklyn Mitsubishi.

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