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Ford F-150 at a construction site

Used Ford F-150 Brooklyn, NY

NYC is one of the most diverse cities on the planet and as far as we know, every nationality is represented. Still, NYC is the quintessential American city with Lady Liberty greeting generations of dreamers in New York Harbor and the One World Trade Center standing proudly at 1,776 feet tall. 

When Henry Ford started producing vehicles over a century ago, he dreamed that those vehicles would be for all drivers – including the hard-working man like the farmer and carpenter. Eventually, pickup trucks were introduced to help drivers work hard and play harder. Today, one of the best-selling pickup trucks is none other than the Ford F-150, which is as quintessentially American as blue jeans, apple pie, and the Stetson hat. 

While you won’t find expansive farms with amber waves of grain in NYC, a pickup truck can still be incredibly useful. The open cargo box can help you move to a better apartment, and it can help haul away your old clutter after you watch Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. 

And if you love getting out of the city and adventuring into the great outdoors, the Ford F-150 can haul all your gear or pull a big and heavy boat. 

While the Ford brand is renowned for its economical pricing, a brand-new F-150 can cost as much – if not more – than a luxury car. Luckily, you can save big bucks when you purchase a used Ford F-150 here at Brooklyn Mitsubishi. We may specialize in the Mitsubishi brand, but we also offer a huge selection of used vehicles and strive to include several high-quality used Ford F-150 pickup trucks that will match your needs. 

To learn about our selection of used Ford F-150 pickup trucks, please visit us at 5910 Church Avenue in Brooklyn today! 


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