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Check Engine Light Diagnosis Service

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Check Engine Light Diagnosis in Brooklyn, NY

At Brooklyn Mitsubishi, our Check Engine Light Diagnosis Service is much more than plugging your vehicle’s computer into our diagnostic equipment and pulling the Diagnostic Trouble Code; a Mitsubishi Expert Technician will use the code to isolate the root cause of the Check Engine Light and formulate a maintenance or repair strategy that restores peak performance and factory specifications. Not only do you receive the Diagnostic Trouble Code, but you also get an expert recommendation on what to do next from professionals with vast training and experience servicing vehicles exactly like yours. When you get a trouble code reading from a retail parts store, you might get a print off including several potential remedies to turn the check engine light off; however, the best way to know what to do next is to rely on trustworthy Check Engine Light Diagnosis from the experts who know your vehicle inside and out.


What are the Most Common Causes of a Check Engine Light?

Although there are countless potential causes of a check engine light, we know from years of servicing vehicles in the Brooklyn – New York City region that there are several common causes of a lit check engine light. Here is a list of the most common causes of a Check Engine Light:

  • Oxygen Sensor – the #1 cause of an illuminated check engine light is a defective oxygen sensor
  • Gas Cap – a loose or broken gas cap can easily cause the check engine light
  • Catalytic Converter – any problems with how the catalytic converter processes carbon monoxide will cause a check engine light
  • Mass Airflow Sensor – prone to deposits and grime accumulation, this filth can cause significant problems to a mass airflow sensor
  • Spark plugs – faulty spark plugs from carbon deposits and defective wires can cause the check engine light to come on
  • Vacuum leak – vacuum hoses dry out and crack, causing a check engine light
  • Exhaust recirculation valve – if this component fails to lower nitrogen oxide, the check engine light illuminates
  • Battery – faulty batteries are known to die, causing the check engine light to illuminate


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