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Brake Pad Replacement Service

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The Safety Value of New Brake Pads

The condition and performance of Brake Pads are vital to both generating adequate stopping power, and by default, passenger safety. Every time you need to slow down or stop, your Brake Pads are playing an active role in getting the job done. When it comes to stopping for an emergency such as to prevent a collision, you’ll know how valuable Brake Pads at peak performance can be. Remember the last time you had to stop quickly to avoid a collision? It was your Brake Pads creating resistance against the brake rotors that prevented an accident. Given the safety value of Brake Pads at peak performance, it is an excellent strategy to replace Brake Pads at the recommended maintenance schedule or sooner if you start experiencing signs of defective Brake Pads.


Are there any Warning Signs signaling a need to schedule Brake Pad Replacement Service?

Yes, there are several common warning signs associated with defective Brake Pads. Brake Pads usually last tens of thousands of miles; however, certain driving factors can cause more rapid wear. It is important to remember that defective brake pads will come with symptoms that will never get better, only worse over time with associated declines in stopping power and passenger safety. It is for this reason that at Brooklyn Mitsubishi, we always tell our customers to never ignore any of these warning signs of defective Brake Pads:

  • Loud noises while braking
  • Brake system warning light is on
  • Wobbling, vibration, or shimmy during braking
  • Leaking brake fluid or requires topping off
  • Brake pedal feels different
  • Burning smell
  • Front end bounces up and down during a hard stop
  • Vehicle pulls to one side during braking


What’s Included in Brake Pad Replacement Service?

Brake Pad Replacement Service includes removal of defective brake pads and replacing them with genuine Mitsubishi Brake Pads. The entire brake system also gets inspected with an emphasis on rotors condition with resurfacing as needed to restore factory specifications. The brake system inspection will assess the whole system including calipers, master cylinder, brake fluid, and hoses. Rest assured that the Brake Pad Replacement Service at Brooklyn Mitsubishi will do everything necessary to ensure that your vehicle has powerful braking at factory specifications when you leave the service center.


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