Should I Get Super All-Wheel Control for My Mitsubishi?

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Benefits of Having Super All-Wheel Control on Mitsubishi Vehicles

Are you in search of a new vehicle? Well you are on the right track by choosing a Mitsubishi. With a Mitsubishi vehicle, you will enjoy top-notch quality and performance. You will also enjoy state-of-the-art technology like Super All-Wheel Control. If you are wondering what Super All-Wheel Control is and if you should invest in it, please continue reading to find out.

What is Super All-Wheel Control?

Super All-Wheel Control (also known as S-AWC) is Mitsubishi’s specially-designed technology that delivers extra power and traction to all of the vehicle’s wheels. With S-AWC, you will have an easier time handling snow and ice-covered roads during NYC’s famous winters.

Does S-AWC Work for Rainy Weather?

Yes! While S-AWC is more renowned for its awesome handling on snow-covered asphalt, it is perfect for NYC’s rain-soaked streets as well! While it is currently the summer season and hope that winter weather stays away for a good long while, we recommend purchasing a Mitsubishi model outfitted with S-AWC so you can road trip with ease during these summer months – especially when encountering torrential rain while exploring other areas of the United States.

Which Mitsubishi Models are Available with S-AWC?

S-AWC is available for the following Mitsubishi vehicles:

  • Eclipse Cross
  • Outlander Sport
  • Outlander
  • Outlander PHEV

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